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Pucker Up! The Truth About Pet Kisses and Health

It seems there are two types of pet owners: those who relish friendly pet kisses and those who cringe at the thought. Some animal lovers go so far as to kiss their pets on the mouth! Whether you’re one of the affectionate types or not, there’s a lot of confusion about the safety and health […]


Safety First: Choosing Safe Pet Toys

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, or so the saying goes. We normally reserve this saying for our children, but in many cases it can be extended to our pets as well. As of yet, there is no set standard for safety when it comes to pet playthings, so for the time […]


Scoop That Poop: Hygiene and Pet Feces

  The mounds of snow in the Midwest have mostly melted, and with any luck we are past the time of year for blizzards. While you may be rejoicing that spring is nearly here, don’t get too caught up in your garden plans and leisurely walks with your dog in the sunshine. You have an […]