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Signs Of Animal Abuse Or Neglect And How You Can Help

Chances are good that if you’re reading this blog, you are a pet owner and animal lover who does not need advice on the proper way to show love and tenderness toward your precious pet. Unfortunately, many pets in the U.S. are not so fortunate. Animal abuse and neglect is a sad fact of life, […]


A Universal Behavior: Why do Cats Knead?

In our opinion, there are few things cuter than a feline making bread. Yes, you read that right. Preparing biscuits, kneading dough, baking the proverbial meow muffins…whatever adorable euphemism you choose, they all describe a universal behavior of cats. Both wild and domesticated felines zero-in on this instinct, begging the question: why do cats knead? […]


Handling Cat Hairballs Fair and Square

A sound that all cat owners recognize – and simultaneously fear – is the gut-wrenching hack of their pet trying to cough up a hairball. Few topics inspire such unease and revulsion, but knowing how to handle cat hairballs (and what causes them) is important. That’s where your friends at West Park Animal Hospital come […]