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New to Pet Ownership? These Helpful Hacks Will Get You on Track

Pet owners are very lucky people. They get a daily dose of unconditional love, entertainment, and oodles of cuddles (not to mention the health benefits that stem from this special relationship, as well!). To be sure, the perks are great, but if you’re new to pet ownership, caring for an animal can sometimes be a […]


One Day at a Time: Training Tips for Blind and Deaf Pets

Finding out your pet is losing their hearing or vision can be a devastating blow to any pet owner. Concerns regarding care and quality of life are common, and many pet owners also wonder how they’ll maintain their pet’s obedience skills if they can no longer see or hear. The team at West Park Animal […]


Mange in Pets and What You Need to Know

While the word “mange” may strike panic into the hearts of many a pet owner, not everyone truly understands what this term means. Before you jump to conclusions that your itchy pet must have this condition, West Park Animal Hospital wants you to know what goes into diagnosing mange in pets. Mange in Pets When […]