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Introducing the Catio and Other Awesome Activities for Cats

Winter is…well, it’s far from over yet, but one thing we know for sure is that spring is on the horizon. After a long, cold season indoors, you and your furry companion may be feeling a little stir-crazy and no doubt may be looking for some new activities to inspire exercise. As the team at […]


An Unthinkable Tragedy: How to Avoid a Stolen Pet

Pet theft is on the rise, with close to 2 million pets being stolen each year. Depending on breed, some of these pets end up as fighting dogs, used for breeding, or sold to labs that test on animals. In many other cases, they’re simply given as gifts or taken home. A stolen pet is […]


They Call it Puppy Love: Your Dog and Your New Partner

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, love is in the air, and many of our readers may find themselves in a new relationship. For some pet owners, introducing your dog and your new partner may be dicey; for others, it goes surprisingly well (I mean, who wouldn’t love your dog?). While your new partner may […]


Don’t Fake It: Service and Therapy Dogs

Chances are you’ve been out at a restaurant, hotel, or grocery store and have seen dogs in service animal vests accompanying their owners. You may have even considered getting your dog one of those vests so readily obtained on Amazon (advertising that you can “take your dog anywhere”), and passing them off as therapy dogs. […]


Meow-Wow! Learn More About Your Furry BFF with the Latest Pet Research

For centuries, humans have turned to the scientific method to help untangle life’s mysteries. Considering how deeply entwined our lives are with our dogs, cats, and other domestic animals, it’s no surprise that we would be intensely curious about what makes them tick, and how that relates to our relationships with them. Here at West […]


Modern Jobs for Working Dogs

Humans and dogs have been working alongside each other for thousands of years. Throughout history, humans have bred dogs to perform specific tasks, and our shared history includes hunting, herding, and guarding. Although dogs are still performing many of the same tasks they were bred for, jobs for working dogs has changed in exciting and […]


Westpark Animal Hospital’s Top 10 Pet Care Blogs of 2017

Looking back at the last holiday season, does it feel like it was longer than a mere 12 months ago? It’s all relative, of course, but for many, 2017 was a long year. Luckily, the Cavaliers and the Indians kept our enthusiasm in tact, lest we forget that Lady Gaga, Guns’N’Roses, and Billy Joel all […]


Party Animals! Your Guide To Throwing A Pet Friendly Party

Throughout history, human beings will find any excuse to throw a party. We get together to celebrate nearly every milestone in life including birthdays, graduations, awards, retirements, baptisms, and many more. But why should we have all the fun? Today’s pets enjoy an elevated status in our society, and with over 50% of U.S. households […]


Meowy Christmas: Celebrating a Cat Friendly Holiday

Whether you’ve had your home completely decorated and all of your meals and gatherings planned since November, or you take a more minimalist (and last-minute) approach, there’s a certain element of nostalgic joy that goes along with the sights, sounds, and smells of the holidays. This time of year probably doesn’t evoke the same emotions […]


A Very Catty Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays with Cats

If you are like most cat aficionados, the holidays have a way of making things a little more complex around your home. Just how long will it be before Pickles knocks over the Christmas tree, or sends an heirloom ornament crashing down the hall? But holidays with cats doesn’t have to be a recipe for […]