Dog Park Safety and Etiquette

Border collie puppy and ballWho doesn’t love to see the look of utter delight on the face of a dog catching sight of his or her playmates? And, just like our four-legged friends, most pet owners also love to socialize with others who adore their pets. Our enthusiasm for our dogs seems to make dog parks a popular choice for recreation, and understanding the etiquette and safety essential can help you both have a great dog park experience.

There are many benefits to taking your canine to a dog park.Dog parks provide opportunities for exercise, and few can deny the social benefits – especially for those solo pets who don’t get to interact with other pets at home. Yet, nothing can spoil a perfect play day like a badly behaved pooch. Continue reading

Traveling With Your Pet

iStock_000014720976_LargeSummer is an excellent time of year to take a family vacation, and those road trips can make for an incredibly fun time. Traveling with your pet, however, requires a little extra planning in order to make sure that both your family and pet are safe and have a great time.

So before you head off into the wild blue yonder, consider the following tips for traveling with your pet…

Safety First

To help prevent serious summer emergencies with your pet, make sure that your pet is wearing his or her collar and ID tags, and is microchipped for an extra layer of security. Not only can losing your pet pose a serious emergency situation, but also your pet may get injured while lost. Having your pet’s identity immediately accessible to a vet or good samaritan could go a long way in keeping your pet safe. Continue reading

Just a Bite: Pets and People Food

iStock_000025162836_Medium copyYou know that look – the one that comes just as you are about to eat your favorite sandwich or evening snack. Dogs, especially, are notorious for melting our hearts with those big, puppy eyes, convincing us that they truly need a taste of whatever we’re having.

While most of us have fed our pet human foods in the past, the question remains: Are human foods really safe for pets?

The quick answer is, some are; but some can make a pet ill or even be deadly, too. Before you give your pet that new human food morsel, be certain to double-check whether or not the food you are planning on giving your cat, dog, or other fur-friend is healthy and nontoxic.

In moderation, there are many nutritious food options that can actually enhance your pet’s diet and add a little variety to their standard fare. Most of us would get bored eating the same meal, day-in and day-out. The same is true for your pet. Here’s what to know about pets and people food. Continue reading