Preventing A Pet Emergency This Thanksgiving

iStock_000023729783_MediumAs with all things that truly matter in life, owning a pet takes time, energy, and attention. From time to time, pets need help staying out of harm’s way. This Thanksgiving, you can watch out for your pet by ensuring his or her environment is safe, offering the right kinds of festive food, and managing possible accidents calmly. Thanksgiving will be a complete affair if you are confident that your pet is safe, comfortable, and happy.

The Right Place

Your pet may be very attached to a routine and may react unpredictably around strangers. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and want to provide a quiet place where your pet feels secure, or if you are traveling, consider boarding your pet at West Park. We would be honored to host your pet over the holiday and will treat him or her like family. Continue reading

Pet Cancer Prevention

Cat at the vetA diagnosis of cancer in a loved one can be devastating, even if that diagnosis is for our family pet. There are always questions about how a pet developed cancer, doubts on possible environmental exposure, and regret if the diagnosis could have possibly been prevented.

Although it is not uncommon for treatment to yield a positive outcome, pet cancer still claims  millions of lives each year. While numerous breeds are naturally predisposed to cancerous cell development, millions of other pets develop it as a result of environmental hazards, poor diet, and immune weaknesses.

Help protect your pet from this heartbreaking diagnosis by keeping the following prevention tips in mind… Continue reading

Winter Readiness: Preparing Your Pet for the Cold

iStock_000013986300_MediumNow that the warm weather is fading and cold weather is setting in, you will have to start getting your pet ready for winter. Typically this means a little less times outdoors in the wind and snow, and more time inside the house. Keeping your pet warm and dry is definitely important during this time of year, as is your pet’s safety.

Chemical Dangers

If your pet is going to be staying in the garage during those cold, windy days, make sure that you keep your buddy away from any chemical spills or leakage pools. Antifreeze, especially, is very dangerous for your pet to be around, as even the ingestion of a few drops of this toxic substance can be fatal. Continue reading