Helping Your Pet Adjust To Your New Baby

WP_iStock_000019478573_LargeMany pets feel like the only child (or children) of their human parents. So it will come as no surprise that something akin to sibling rivalry can crop up when bringing home a new baby. After all, until that fateful day, it’s likely that your pet’s desires and needs were not only met, but anticipated, and that suddenly your pet’s not quite sure what to think of this squishy, pink interloper.

Truly, the arrival of a newborn can be highly disruptive, if not down right insulting, to the family pet. There are, however, ways you can prepare your pet for the big change and help him or her ease into the “new normal”  with a new baby. Continue reading

Walking the Dog! Celebrating National Walk Your Dog Month

Family and dog on country walk in winterThe middle of winter may seem like strange timing to honor the importance of getting outside to walk your pet, especially here in Ohio. Temperatures in January don’t often inch far above freezing, and pets and their owners struggle to cope with cabin fever. Indeed, who really wants to get all bundled up right now to traipse through ice and snow? Continue reading

The Importance of Pet Nutrition and the Perils of Pet Obesity

iStock_000020587236_LargeNutrition and fitness are areas that many people are fixated on in relation to their personal health and well-being. American pet owners, however, are not very good at translating this priority to their pets. Over half of the nation’s pets are considered overweight, and this is simply not good for our animals.

Understanding why pet nutrition is so important, and what the dangers of having an overweight pet, are can help us to make managing our pets’ weight a bigger priority. Continue reading