Why Undiagnosed Pet Allergies Can Create Problems for Your Pet

WestPark_iStock_000021258496_Large (1)Have you noticed your best friend begin to scratch a lot more as the weather gets warmer? Increased or excessive itching can sometimes indicate an allergic response in pets, rather than the typical sneeze we might expect. Pet seasonal allergies can affect both cats and dogs and can wreak havoc on pets’ immune systems when left untreated. Continue reading

Just One Bite: Preventing Heartworm In Cats

WestPark_iStock_000012298746_Large (1)Of the three parasites we actively try to keep at bay on a year-round basis, heartworm in cats is possibly the most insidious – and dangerous. However, it is often the most overlooked, too. After all, a flea infestation is anything but subtle and a rigorous inspection of your pet’s fur can reveal a tick’s hard body. But, heartworm is a silent and invisible killer.

Heartworm in cats is silently transmitted by just one bite from an infected mosquito and the diagnosis is a fatal one. In case your four-legged furball is not presently on a year-round parasite prevention schedule, let’s review the importance of warding off this devastating disease. Continue reading

Pet Wellness: Avoiding the Pound of Cure

Vet Checkup
When it comes to disease and disaster prevention, there are a million clichés, but, “You can pay now, or you can pay later” seems to sum things up pretty well. Mind you, it’s hard to remember this motto when bills for annual well-animal exams and vaccinations, teeth cleaning, licensing and micro-chipping, groomers, and special foods and medications challenge your budget. But no matter how much prevention costs, it’s almost always cheaper than repairing damage once it’s done, to say nothing of the pain and suffering experienced if your furry friend gets sick. Continue reading