Rolling Out The Welcome Mat: Preparing For Pet Boarding

WestPark_iStock_000008982783_LargeYour long overdue and much-anticipated trip to Fiji (it’s OK to dream) is closing in and your to-list is growing by frightening degrees. Traveling – and all the requisite preparations – can be stressful and your ever-loving and intuitive pet may pick up on your anxiety.

Where will your pet stay while you’re away? With us, of course! West Park Animal Hospital is thrilled to host your pet, and the following outlines what you need to know about pet boarding. Continue reading

Inherit A Ferret: Important Tips For Optimal Ferret Health

WestPark_iStock_000009062618_LargeWhile there are most definitely scores of ferret lovers out there, adopting one is isn’t always a family’s first choice. Sadly, a prejudice reigns over numerous benefits of ferret ownership, but we are seeing increasing acceptance of these intelligent, furry companions.

If you’ve been wondering what ferrets are like, and how you might be able to support ferret health, we offer the following broad strokes.

What Is A Ferret?

Contrary to popular belief, ferrets are not kin to rodents; rather, ferrets are small, furry carnivorous mammals, Continue reading

Spring Training: How Obedience Training Can Help Your Pet

Master playing with his dogProspective owners of dogs typically do not share a proclivity for unruly, wayward canine behavior; instead, soon-to-be pet parents smile at the thought of a naturally well-behaved pooch that doesn’t jump up on company, bark excessively, or chew the furniture.

However, dogs don’t simply arrive on our doorsteps with manners. Like children, dogs need to be taught the basics of how to behave; and spring is a wonderful time to start that obedience training you’ve been thinking about. With the goal in mind of helping your dog live a happier, more complete life, we can help you get that ball rolling! Continue reading

Taking Care Of Business: How To Remove a Tick from Your Pet

WestPark_iStock_000000483999_MediumIt’s warming up and you know what that means…bugs! While most of the spiders and insects waking up in spring are innocuous, blood-sucking ectoparasites, like ticks, are anything but. Lurking in large numbers throughout Ohio, ticks latch onto precious pets innocently enjoying the sunshine and adventure intrinsically found in spring and summer. Continue reading