Feline Eye Care 101

WestPark_iStock_000009870969_LargeCats; masters of stealth, grace, strength, independence, and…eye goop? Most cat owners are well aware of this particular, and prevalent, kitty concern. But what causes eye goop in cats and how can we get rid of it?

Eye discharge is a fairly common issue in cats and the causes vary widely. In newborn kittens, bacteria passed on from the mother can be at fault and in older cats the reasons can range from debris trapped in the eye to a full-blown infection. Continue reading

Taking the Fear Out of Pet Nail Trimming

Doctor veterinarian is trimming dog nailsPet nail trimming is a necessary task, yet one that creates a lot of doubt, even in those who readily bathe and groom their own doggies. There is the valid fear of cutting to close to the quick, or the area where nail meets soft tissue. There is also the acrobatics involved of getting your dog – or cat (wow) – to sit still through the process. Continue reading

Popular Pet Myths: Separating Fact and Fiction

WestPark_iStock_000036609042_LargeSocial media and word of mouth are effective ways to get information spread quickly. As you have already probably found out, though, just because you read it on your Facebook newsfeed doesn’t make it true. Keep reading to learn which popular pet myths have some teeth and which need to be pooper scooped out of the gossip. Continue reading