Preventing The Back-To-School-Blues In Your Pet

iStock_000051945256_LargeIs it back-to-school time already? You might be looking forward to your children heading off to school, but chances are your pet feels differently. After a summer spent in the company of the family, particularly its youngest members, the start of the school year can mean some long hours home alone for your four-legged friend. With all that extra time on his or her paws, your pet could end up with a case of the “back to school blues”. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Pet Allergies

WestPark_iStock_000041431386_Large (1)Like it or not, a large number of pets suffer from allergies in one form or another. Pets may experience allergies in different ways, but all allergy sufferers know one thing: allergies can be miserable.

If you have a pet who suffers from allergies, it is important to understand what an allergy is and how you can help your pet. Read on to learn what every animal owner needs to know about pet allergies. Continue reading

Hot in the City: Keeping Urban Pets Cool All Summer Long

7-hills-wespark-.iStock_000067364281_LargeAlthough summer temps can make it uncomfortable anywhere, cities tend to feel hotter. This is because of the prevalence of asphalt, concrete, and roads, making it hard to get away from the oppressive heat. And, for urban pets, the summertime humidity and scorching sun can make the days uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous. Continue reading