Ode To A Pumpkin: Sure To Please Fall Pet Treats

Westpark_iStock_000018976979_Large (1)Autumn is upon us! A veritable feast for the senses, fall is simply teeming with cute and cozy sweaters (for pets and their people), brisk walks beneath falling leaves, and…treats!

The bounty of fall’s harvest is a special one to share with your one-of-a-kind four-legged friend, and we’re happy to share how tasting a simple pumpkin, prepared in such a way, can truly become one of the season’s richest shared moments. The farmer’s market – or your own backyard – are the best places to choose ingredients for your fall pet treats. Let the harvesting begin! Continue reading

Pet Insurance 101

Smart look and thongueThere’s no doubt about it, veterinary medicine has come an astoundingly long way in recent years. With more and more cutting edge technology available, veterinarians can extend the life of sick or injured animals far beyond what was imaginable to previous generations of pet owners.

This new wave of veterinary advancement comes at a cost, and it is often more than we pet owners have in our bank accounts. MRIs, long-term hospitalizations, surgeries, cancer treatment, and even organ transplants, can quickly lead to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

Continue reading

Environmental Enrichment for Pets: Making Happy Pets Happier

June10_PetMed_iStock_000038340190_LargeWhen you take a step back and think about our pets’ lives on a day to day basis, you might realize that things aren’t always optimal. We get to leave the house, interact with other people, and see new things every day. But few pets get this opportunity.

Many behavioral and health problems can stem from a lack of stimulation in an animal’s life. This is where environmental enrichment for pets comes in. Keep reading to learn more about how to make your pet’s life in your home even better. Continue reading

Celebrate Good Times: National Dog Week 2015

CHAH_iStock_000027770732_Large (1)There is no doubt that the age-old bond between human and dog is deep and powerful. Dogs have been lavishing humankind with their love, protection, and unwavering devotion since prehistoric times. What better way to celebrate this ancient and amazing friendship than observing this year’s National Dog Week, September 20th-26th?

Founded in 1928, National Dog Week was created to enlighten and inform dog owners about their responsibilities to their dogs and to their communities. This year’s National Dog Week theme “At your service, all-ways”, is the perfect opportunity to show our dogs that we appreciate all they do for us. Continue reading

Strange Dog Behaviors: Why Does My Dog Do That?

WestPark_iStock_000007347844_LargeYou’ve run into your boss and his family at the park and, as usual, your dog immediately does something disgusting. Why does he do that?

Is your pet being passive-aggressive, or what? Probably not – every dog has a repertoire of strange dog behaviors seemingly reserved for the worst possible moments. While they may be embarrassing to you, to your dog they are absolutely normal. Continue reading