Best Dressed Pets: Costumes, Safety, and Seasonal Considerations

WESTPARK_PET-COSTUMES-0.jpgWho doesn’t want to see their Shar-pei dressed up like Glinda, the good witch from The Wizard of Oz? While there’s no doubt your pet would look adorable, your Shar-pei may have other ideas of fun…

When it comes to pet costumes, the physical signs of stress are unmistakable and should never be ignored. When playing dress-up, it’s critical to know where your pet draws the line between enjoying something and simply tolerating it. Continue reading

Black Cat Magic: Dispelling Myths And Superstitions

westpark_blackcatmyths.docx-0.jpgIn the U.S., black cats have long been a symbol of Halloween. The image of a black cat silhouetted against a full moon, back arched and fur raised, is one we all recognize. But how did black cats become associated with Halloween and all things spooky, and how does this negative imagery affect the safety and adoptability of our dark-colored feline friends? Continue reading

Activity Ideas for the Stay at Home Pet

WestPark_iStock_000010795483_LargeWhile it is the dream of most pet owners to someday get to bring their pets to work, most of us are resigned to a few photos on our phones, and maybe our desk. It is not uncommon for many stay at home pets to spend 8-10 hours alone, which is stressful for both pet and pet parent.

There are some solutions, however, to providing your pet with some attention, mental enrichment, and opportunities for expending some energy. Continue reading