Beating Holiday Boredom: 5 Fun Things To Do With Kids And Pets

westpark_DIYpetactivities.docx-0.jpgHoliday breaks. It’s the same scenario every year; we start out actually looking forward to having the kids home all day… Sweet images of baking and crafting together, building snowmen, or snuggling to read holiday stories in front of a roaring fireplace fill our heads… Until about 30 minutes into the first day, that is, when fights are breaking out and people are already whining about being “bored”.

Never fear! West Park Animal Hospital is here to help! We believe that, with a little planning (and the involvement of the family pet), you and the kids can actually have some fun together over the winter break. Continue reading

Giving Thanks for Your Pet

WestPark_Thanksgiving.docx-0.jpgAs we observe the traditions of Thanksgiving, many of us spend time reflecting on the things for which we are most thankful. This might include having plenty of food, a warm home, or a loving family. Most of us also include our pets among the many things in our lives that inspire joy and happiness.

At West Park Animal Hospital, we’re especially grateful for the pets and families that we serve every year. We appreciate being a partner in providing health and wellness services to the four-legged friends who are entrusted to our care. Continue reading

Why Does My Cat Do That? Unlocking Strange Cat Behaviors

WESTPARK_WHY-DOES-MY-CAT-0.jpgFrom following you into the bathroom when a private moment is due, to furious tail-twitching, your cat’s antics may leave you puzzled – if not endlessly amused. You’re a major fan of your cat and love him or her in spite (or because) of all the odd things he or she gets away with. Your frisky feline might even argue that all personal motivations and actions are purr-fectly logical, even if, to you, they are anything but. Continue reading