6 Surprising Daily Pet Care Tips

iStock_000022150902_LargeAlong with annual veterinary care, the wonderful things you do for your fur friend on a daily basis are also integral to good health and wellbeing. From diet to exercise, these are many daily pet care tips out there – the trick is knowing which ones you can rely on. That’s why West Park Animal Hospital has compiled the following list.
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Pocket Money: Summer Jobs for the Pet Loving Kid

iStock_000083838427_LargeEveryone remembers their first job…Whether it’s delivering newspapers, selling movie tickets, or landscaping, the first job is a meaningful opportunity to develop important life skills.

For kids that love animals, working with – or around – them is the ultimate experience. In addition to being rewarding, eye-opening, and educational, jobs for the pet loving kid can provide a great deal of fun, too!

Handling Responsibility

Depending on the age of the pet loving kid in question, he or she may be able to perform a variety of tasks that support the health and wellbeing of animals. Our veterinarians and staff suggest the following ideas to help foster the responsibilities of your budding worker: Continue reading

Travel with a Pet? You Bet!

WestPark_iStock_000086744259_LargeNowadays, it’s not only common to see people on vacation with their pets, it’s quite trendy. From posh resorts to outdoor adventures, there are plenty of options if you want to travel with a pet!

However, there are some serious things to consider before em”bark”ing on your next vacation. The most important factors deal with the health and safety of your four-legged pal.   Continue reading

Listen Up: Common Pet Ear Problems and Prevention

pure breed dog's ear cleanedAlthough pet ears are adorable – from floppy basset ears to the fuzzy twitching ears of a new kitten – ear health often remains a mystery until infection occurs. When it comes to pet ear problems such as mite infestations, inflammation, or other uncomfortable conditions, many pets suffer needlessly.

Causes of Pet Ear Problems

There are several issues that could be at the root of chronic ear itchiness or infection. Below are some of the most commonly diagnosed ear problems among cats and dogs. We also provide tips on how to keep your pet’s ears perky and healthy. Continue reading

Fish are Jumpin’, Cotton is High: It’s Time for Summer Pet Safety

WestPark_iStock_000063610175_LargeThe sheer number of activities during the summer is astounding. Your calendar is brimming with play dates, outdoor adventures, and BBQ’s. Chances are, your pet rushes into this busy schedule with delight, which is why our staff has compiled the following summer pet safety tips and tricks.

Some Basics

Before the heat and humidity hits our fair city, we recommend scheduling your pet’s wellness visit. This proactive approach ensures your pet’s parasite preventives and vaccinations are up to date. A routine check can also reveal problems, such as arthritis, that could become worse if your pet joins you outdoors this summer. Continue reading