Who’s The Boss? Tips and Tricks For Sneaking Medication To Pets

Veterinarian give pillJust when you thought you pulled the wool over your pet’s eyes, he or she spits out the pill you oh-so-stealthily slipped into that deliciously creamy Havarti. It’s so aggravating when all your hard work is literally laying on the floor between you… Not to mention a tragic loss of cheese.

The echoes of “it’s for your own good” fall flat: your pet has got you in a corner. Luckily, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Our tips and tricks for sneaking medication to pets are coming right up! Continue reading

Brain Freeze! The Best in Frozen Pet Treats

Young or old, we all love a good snack. Fortunately, summer brings countless opportunities for tasty treats, and our pets are only too happy to catch any stray dribbles or crumbs. With our delicious recipes for frozen pet treats, you won’t have to resist those pleading eyes this summer.

Raw and Fresh Frozen Pet Treats

Have you ever offered your pet naked fruits or vegetables? If it’s been a hit in the past, try cutting his or her favorite selections into small, bite-sized pieces. Freeze and dole out when your pet needs a little cooling down or a midday snack.

While you should avoid grapes, raisins, and most citrus fruits, you can opt for these peeled, cored, and de-seeded choices instead: Continue reading