Tasty or Treacherous? What to Do When Your Pet Eats Something Weird

French BulldogYou’ve probably heard the old adage about curiosity and cats, but dogs are equally compelled (if not more so) to gobble up something unfamiliar. Sure, it’s possible that an entire roll of ingested dental floss could come out of your pet’s rear end intact, but it’s far more likely that he or she will endure a foreign body obstruction.

Gastrointestinal blockages can be painful or life-threatening, making surgery the only viable solution. Because it happens regularly, your friends at West Park Animal Hospital are determined to help before your pet eats something weird. Continue reading

The Heat is On: Summer Pet Paw Care

A brown dog receiving a medical injectionFrom the second your pet walked into your life, his or her paw print left a mark on your heart. From the perfect pink paws of the young to the weathered and worn pads of a senior companion, paw care is essential to overall wellness. While year round injury prevention is important, summer months are especially challenging because of hot pavement, packed dirt, and sand.

The Art of the Paw

With their built-in traction, your pet’s paws are made to withstand a variety of rough, uneven, or slick terrain. Paw pads are also great shock absorbers, protecting bones and joints and even insulating the foot from extreme weather. Continue reading

Flummoxed? Reasons Cats Love Boxes

Cat In The BoxEvery individual is unique with specific triggers that ease stress and increase comfort. Whether it’s a well-worn sweater, freshly churned ice cream, or a walk through a peaceful meadow, we all have soothing items or ideas that bring us to our happy place.

In this way, your fluffy, finicky, and slightly persnickety feline is much the same. What do we mean by this? Boxes, of course! Just when you thought your cat couldn’t get more interesting, let us explore the possible reasons cats love boxes. Continue reading