The Cutest Endeavor Ever: Caring for Stray Kittens

Cute little kittenWho can say no to a basketful of fluffy kittens? Not many of us. It can be overwhelming to take on a litter of new baby cats who need your help, but caring for stray kittens can be a rewarding experience. Keep reading to learn what it takes to get these little bundles of joy off to a good start.

It’s All in the Age

How much and what type of care is needed depends highly on how old your little wards are. Newborn kittens need a lot of help and rely on mom for everything, from food to helping them go to the bathroom. Continue reading

The Best Policy: Why Honesty at the Vet is Important

Chihuahua Getting a Check UpAs responsible pet owners, we are happy to give our pets everything they need to live happy, healthy lives: nutritious food, shelter, love and affection, training and boundaries, and of course, quality veterinary care.

Regardless of how much we treasure our pets and how well we care for them, many of us are guilty of telling the occasional “white lie” to our veterinarian. Maybe we have forgotten the last few months of heartworm medication, but we fib and say we gave these doses. Or, perhaps we claim not to know why Fido put on a few pounds, when the truth is that we have been too busy to walk him lately. Continue reading

Happy Holidays Already? Our Favorite DIY Pet Gifts

On the table is a knitting and a cupIt may only be September, but here at West Park Animal Hospital we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts for your pet. Most of our pets probably already have everything they need, so why not try your hand at DIY pet gifts this holiday season?

We’ve come up with a list of our 10 favorite gift ideas, sure to please your pet and your pocketbook. Continue reading

Literacy Dogs: A Furry, Non-Judgemental Presence Helps Young Readers

Miniature schnauzer dog studyingFrom boosting energy levels to providing life-sustaining companionship, dogs serve us in so many meaningful ways. Did you know that dogs are also excellent reading partners?

Established, canine-centered literacy programs across the globe continue to positively impact young children learning how to confidently read out loud. Literacy dogs don’t teach kids, of course; rather, they provide a safe, reassuring presence that allows for learners to flourish. Continue reading