Pet Winter Safety: Preparing for the Big Brrr!

couple of dogsAlthough you may want to groan when someone mentions the word “winter,” the cold and snow will soon be upon us. As with any season, winter brings with it special considerations for our furriest of friends.

Although you may have already stashed your antifreeze in a locked cabinet (great job!), we have a few more tips for pet winter safety to keep your best pal safe and sound this time of year.
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DIY Pet Remedies: Separating the Fact from the Fiction

Latte Coffee art on the wooden desk.Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? When it comes to do-it-yourself at home pet remedies, there is no shortage of suggestions. But, how do you separate the good advice from the mythical, or even downright dangerous?

Join us at West Park Animal Hospital as we put some ineffective DIY pet remedies to rest.

Taking on Pet Skin Woes

A common and often frustrating woe for many a pet parent, skin trouble is the focus of several DIY pet remedies. Many of these suggestions, however, are less than effective and a few may cause more harm than good. Take for example: Continue reading

Top 5 Best Pet Costumes That Also Appeal To Pet Owners

Young Woman Posing with DogPet costumes have become all the rage in recent years. They are always fun (provided the animal thinks so, too), but they are even more delightful when paired with an owner’s unique holiday threads. Wondering what you and your pet can pull off this Halloween? Look no further than West Park Animal Hospital’s 5 best pet costumes that you can share in, too!

Thinking Outside The Box

Pet costumes can be very simple, a fact that pleases many pets. From simple embellishments on the collar to easy on/easy off tube type shirts, there really is something for everyone. If your pet is game to play dress-up with you, we recommend these five amazing combinations: Continue reading

A Portable Place of Refuge: Why You Should Crate Train Your Cat

Mosquito on Cats noseWhile crate training any animal can be a formidable task, it’s never an insurmountable one. This is especially true with cats. An effort to crate train your cat may feel a bit like climbing the steepest mountain without the right technique.

Cats are as wonderful as they are mysterious. They can be collectively dismissive about anything that’s not their idea, but that doesn’t mean they’re untrainable. If only your pet’s crate resembled a box! No matter; with practice, dedication, and patience, your cat will be good to go. Continue reading