Why Environmental Enrichment is Important for Feline Health

Cute Cat FaceAlthough the subject of behavioral enrichment, or mental enrichment, is often focused on the needs of our canine companions, it’s also vital to feline health and well-being. From obesity to unwanted “marking” and scratching, there are many problems that can develop in cats when mental and physical opportunities are limited.

The Secret Lives of Cats

While it seems like a cat snoozing in the sun couldn’t possibly want anything more than to lay around all day, you may be surprised. Cats are complex creatures who require outlets to express normal feline behaviors, such as stalking and pouncing.

As you may have witnessed with your own fur friend, cats are born to move. In fact, their bodies are designed to leap up to 5-7 times their height, and they can reach speeds of more than 30 miles per hour.

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Room at the Inn: Holiday Pet Boarding

Dog maltese sitting in a car and looking through windowThe countdown has officially begun! We’re just weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether you’re hosting a big gathering or leaving town to visit family, your pet is probably wondering, “What about me?”

Certainly, pets make the holidays more memorable, but sometimes, it’s just not practical (or in their best interests) to spend every moment together. That’s why West Park Animal Hospital offers holiday pet boarding!

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