Winter Paw Care for Healthy, Happy Feet

Just as you might pay special attention to your pet’s paws during hot summer days, winter brings its own challenges for paw health and safety.

Paw care is an essential part of your pet care regimen. To enjoy the dog days of, er, winter, consider these tips to keep your pet’s feet in tip-top shape.

Protecting Paws With Winter Paw Care

From snow and ice to chilly temperatures, the elements can be especially harsh on sensitive paws. Compound this with the use of harsh chemicals and deicers, it quickly becomes tough to take Fido out for his daily walk.

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Cats Need Care, Too! 5 Things to Remember About Cat Health

There are more pet cats than dogs, but we see far less of them than their canine counterparts. This is due in part because dogs typically don’t put up a fight when it’s time to zoom around in the car. However, feline absence stems from something far worse than travel fears.

The false assumption that cats don’t need care inhibits optimal cat health – and may even cause or contribute to health problems down the road. We aim to change that view by highlighting 5 important things to remember about cat health.

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Animal Doppelgangers and the People Who Love Them

When two people spend enough time together, they often develop similar characteristics. The same seems to be true of people and their pets. It’s widely believed that everyone has a double out there somewhere. It may just be, though, that some people’s doubles have four legs.

Animal doppelgangers are a real thing, and there may be very good reasons why people look like their pets.

The Theory Behind Animal Look-Alikes

Many people joke about looking like their pets, but it turns out this may bear some truth. Sadahiko Nakajima is a psychologist who has dedicated his research to human and animal doppelgangers. His research has shown that people and their pets often resemble one another.

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And the Winner Is… Our Most Popular Blogs of 2016

Whew! After all of the gift-wrapping, feasting, and driving of the holiday season, it’s time for most of us to kick back and relax. And what better way to relax than to grab a favorite cozy blanket and a fur friend, and dive into some great reading…like our blog!

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for and all of the improvements we can make to create an even better new year. As a pet owner, you may have included your pet in your New Year’s resolutions, and by reading our pet health and wellness blogs, we aim to help you achieve your goals.

To start your year off in a pet-friendly way, here are our 10 most popular blogs of 2016.

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