Hit the Road, Jack: Pet Training for the Best Guest

You and your super-sweet, well-behaved pet have been invited to stay at the home of someone you care about. Feeling confident in your pet’s overall behavior and social skills, you’re certain this trip will yield countless kudos for raising such a smart, calm, adorable companion. Good with people, kids, and all other pets, your pet is a model citizen, right?

While this scenario is perfectly normal for many pets who are excited to travel and mingle with strangers, others may benefit from pet training in order to become a star houseguest.

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Friends for Life: The Best Pets for Seniors

It’s no secret that pets offer humans big benefits in the forms of love, companionship, joy, and just plain fun. These benefits don’t disappear as we age, and senior citizens can reap just as many, if not more, rewards from pet ownership.

Not all pets are created equal, of course, and that rambunctious lab puppy or high-maintenance Aussie may not be ideal for the senior in your life. Selecting the best pets for seniors doesn’t have to be complicated, however, and your team at West Park Animal Hospital can help guide you through the process of finding the perfect companion!

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What You Should Know Before Walking Your Dog

Now that spring is on the horizon, many of us will feel the urge to get back outside. One of the more popular activities for a pet owner is walking your dog and visiting all those beautiful, verdant parks and trails that are getting ready to burst into bloom.

Walking your dog on a leash is an excellent source of exercise and social opportunities, but it’s not something that comes naturally; it requires training, practice, and awareness. To have a truly great time with your best friend, make sure to keep these five essential dog walking musts in mind.

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Decisions, Decisions: The Best Place to Adopt a Pet

If you have made the decision to add a four-legged family member to your home, you may be wondering where the best place to adopt a pet is. Rescue? No-kill shelter? Craigslist? If you are looking to find another animal to add to your family, read West Park Animal Hospital’s guide to the best place to adopt a pet.

Adoption is Amazing

If you are thinking adoption, that’s great. Helping an animal in need is a wonderful, feel-good thing to do. Did you know that the ASPCA estimates that in the United States there are over 70 million stray cats alone? It has also been reported that as many as 5 out of 10 dogs and 7 out of 10 cats are euthanized simply because they are unable to find homes. Pet adoption is a choice you can feel good about.

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