Fourth of July Fears: How to Help a Pet With Noise Anxiety

noise anxietyOur pets are blessed with a highly developed sense of hearing which helps them perform natural behaviors, like hunting, stalking, and tending to their young. However, this sensitivity, while helpful in many cases, can also be detrimental during holidays like the Fourth of July.

Noises come in a variety of forms. Ever notice how Mittens runs for cover every time the vacuum comes out? How about when Spot freaks out at the sound of a loud thunder clap? Noise aversion is common among many, if not most, animals. For some, this natural aversion can turn into a full blown phobia.

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Why Bathing Your Pet at Home Makes Perfect Sense

bathing your dog at homeWe pride ourselves on the long list of services we offer our clients. Chief among them is professional grooming. Sure, some pets are apprehensive at first, but over time it becomes a wonderful treat to get a bath, shampoo, haircut, ear cleaning, nail trim, and more.

However, for the sake of convenience, scheduling, cost, or even simple pleasure, bathing your pet at home between grooming sessions is not only necessary, it’s also a good idea!

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The 4-1-1 On the Latest Internet Pet Language

Given the nature of the world-wide web, most of us veer between having a strong grip on modern slang and a decidedly weak one. Sure, there are tutorials available that allow you to “speak Tumblr”, but as with anything that’s constantly changing, they might only get you so far. As we spend more time online, our prime influence on language is, undoubtedly, the internet.

The power of internet slang is somewhat contradictory; it can either facilitate or impede communication. Of all the trends found online, internet pet language has the power to baffle, entertain, or even dismay some people. Wondering who has the 4-1-1 on what it all means? Look no further.

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The Mysterious Feline: Cat Rolling Behavior Explained

cat rollingMost of us who know and love critters of the feline persuasion understand that cats tend to march to their own beat. Many quirky and odd behaviors that we may observe are fondly noted, but we seldom spend much energy searching for a cause. These things that cats do can  have some meaningful purpose behind them, however, and kitty behavior is actually a very interesting topic for those who care to get to know their pets on a deeper level.

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