Is Pet Hair Taking Over Your Life? We Can Help!

pet hairEver since pets moved from living strictly outdoors to occupying our homes, animal lovers have been grappling with pet hair on our clothes, couches, beds, and pretty much everywhere. Depending on a pet’s shedding habits, this can be a serious nuisance. But short of shaving him or her (which won’t cut down on the hair anyway), what’s a pet owner to do?

Start From the Source

Every hair you manage to remove from your pet is one less you’ll have to remove from your home. This makes daily grooming the single best way to mitigate a furry problem. By committing to just a few minutes of brushing each day, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in the amount of furries and fuzzies floating around your house. Thanks to some wonderful products, such as the FURminator, getting rid of excess fur on your pet has never been easier.

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Potty Mouth: Why do Pets Drink From the Toilet?

toilet drinkingToilets and pets are never a combo you want to encounter; however, seeing a pet take a sip of toilet water is a common scene. Drinking from the toilet seems like a pretty disgusting way to stay hydrated – particularly when you offer your pet multiple bowls of fresh water around the home.

So, what’s with this obsession? Why do pets drink from the toilet, and is it safe? The team at West Park sets out to address this unsavory attraction to the “toilet bowl beverage.”

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Pet Immunization: How Vaccines Lead to Health and Longevity

pet immunizationFrom the most recent outbreaks of canine influenza to the ongoing perils of parvovirus, infectious diseases among pets is something that won’t ever go away. Like us, pets are susceptible to an array of illnesses that can place other animals and people at risk when not controlled and treated.

In observance of National Pet Immunization Month, West Park Animal Hospital wants to champion the importance of pet immunization and why these vaccines help keep the pet population healthy.

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On the Road Again? Bring Your Pet to See the Veterinarian Before Traveling

veterinarian before travling According to a study by AAA and Best Western International, more than 50% of U.S. pet owners bring their pets along when they travel. And who can blame them? Our pets are part of our families, and it’s hard to imagine leaving them behind while we are off having adventures.

To help your trip go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to prepare ahead of time for your pet’s comfort and safety. Bringing your pet in to see the veterinarian before traveling is an important part of that pre-trip checklist.

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