Thinking Ahead About Pet Winter Safety and Cold Weather Gear

winter pet safetyWinter in October? Well, we understand that most of us may not be ready for the idea of cold, snow, and shoveling, but the time will soon be upon us. Along with some of the checklists you might have for winterizing your car or home, adding your pet to the list will also help ensure all their winter needs are met.

With less outdoor play time and all the extra gear you might need to keep them warm, Cleveland winters can take their toll on our furry friends. The West Park Animal Hospital team has some pet winter safety tips so when the time arrives, you and your best pal will be prepared.

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The Confounding Logic of a Hoarding Dog

hoarding dogHave you ever lifted up your couch only to find a giant collection of bones, treats, or toys that dates back many, many months? What about shining a light on the dark corner in the back of your closet to reveal a veritable mini-mountain of kibble? You’re not alone. In fact, many people have a hoarding dog, but they either haven’t discovered it yet or they simply don’t know what to do. It may seem like we’re making up this wack-a-doo dog behavior, but this real canine conduct has possibly sound logic behind it.

Why Does My Dog Hoard?

Dogs have various behaviors that root all the way back to their wild ancestors. Before they became our natural best friends, dogs didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. To be sure, many dogs either starved or ate questionable meals every few days or so. As a result, when wild dogs got a big pay day, they either buried or hid it to nibble on over the course of several days. Among other animals that continue this behavior today, foxes are also well known to hoard.

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Keep Pets Safe This Halloween by Planning Ahead

keep pets safe for halloweenHalloween is just around the corner, along with all of the festivities, costumes, Jack-o-lanterns, and bags of sugary treats. This nostalgic holiday is enjoyable for young and old, but can sometimes be quite frightening to our pets. Loud noises, strangers at the door, and even costumes can cause stress in pets who are not used to the commotion or who suffer from anxiety.

Many items included in your children’s assortment of goodies contain pet toxins that can result in poisoning. And items like glow sticks and lit candles can also pose a concern. So, is it possible to keep pets safe this Halloween?

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All of the Coolest Dog Toys for Your Best Friend (and Why They Are so Important)

There’s probably not a dog out there who isn’t interested in some kind of toy, be that a ball, a Frisbee, or a peanut butter-filled Kong treat (Xylitol-free, of course!). Dogs and their toys go hand and hand. But did you know that interaction with your best pal can increase his or her interest in exercise and bonding with you?

Check out all of the ways that dogs benefit from playing with their owners, along with some of our best dog toys for these awesome times together.

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