Dangerously High Levels: Do You Have Safe Pet Toys at Home?

Pets are a part of the family, so it only makes sense that we exercise scrutiny and caution before giving them things that might be dangerous. When it comes to supplying fun chew or chase toys, we’re typically drawn in by the bright colors, fun sounds, and neat designs of pet toys. Sometimes, we’re also attracted by the price. Unfortunately, there really aren’t any standards in place for safe pet toys, and there could be excessive levels of harmful chemicals affecting our best friends.

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The Elephant in the Room: Holiday Pet Safety May Hinge on the Decor

pet safetyLooking at old holiday photographs, it’s interesting to see the decorative choices that were made. Bright silver-looking artificial trees, aerosol-spray artificial snow, and mounds of tinsel all contribute to some warm and fuzzy memories, but luckily, these were mostly fads from a different era.

Current holiday decorations might be more tasteful and refined, but like all flashy, glittery, and attractive seasonal additions to the home, they still pose risks to holiday pet safety.

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Creating the Best Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Ever

In previous Thanksgiving blogs, we have focused on the importance of avoiding pet toxins and other holiday emergencies. We also paws-ed to give thanks to our fur-bearing buddies by listing all the wonderful ways we’re grateful for them.

This season, along with some pet safety reminders, we want to help you create a pet-friendly Thanksgiving that will be tail-wagging fun for all. If you’re ready to give your pet the best Thanksgiving yet, check out our tips!

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Honoring Our Courageous Canine Veterans

canine veteransFor centuries dogs have been our allies and companions. Since their domestication, they’ve used their innate skills and traits to work for us, guard us, and provide companionship. Because dogs have adapted to living among us so successfully, it’s no surprise to know that dogs have also been instrumental in times of war.

From battles between empires to major world wars, military or war dogs have been a definite part of our ancient through recent history. From Attila the Hun’s conquests to current missions in Afghanistan, dogs have played a significant role in saving lives and aiding in critical tasks.

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