Under Construction? The Keys to Pet Safety During a Remodel

Pet safety during a remodel should be a considerationWhether you’ve hired a contractor or you’re doing the work yourself, a remodel at home can be a huge undertaking. Even if your project is confined to a small part of the house or it doesn’t have an extended timetable, home construction upends the natural ease and comfort that pets depend on.

Since they can’t see the big picture (or get excited about your home’s new addition), it’s understandable when their reactions center on stress, fear, and anxiety. However, by paying close attention to pet safety during a remodel, you can rest assured you’ll all get through the process unscathed. Continue reading

With These Safety Tips, Bike Riding With Dogs Can be Great!

bike riding with dogs can be a bit tricky, but is good pet exercise.Have you ever seen a cyclist holding a leash? Most of the time, it looks like they have total control of the situation and that both rider and pet are the epitome of good health. Most likely, this didn’t just happen overnight. For bike riding with dogs to be successful and safe, practice and preparation are required.

Physically Fit

Before you put the cart before the horse, it may be a good idea to have your dog examined. Aging or senior dogs may not be a good fit for running alongside your bike, and small dogs are equally intolerant of intense exertion. Similarly, short-muzzled dogs, like pugs and bulldogs, can suffer from illness or injury while running.

Lastly, be sure to microchip your pet before setting out. Continue reading

Life’s the Pits When It Comes to Pets and Pitted Fruit Toxicity

Pets and pitted fruit can be toxic to pets and be a pet safety concernBy now, we all know that fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet. The same goes for our pets, who can benefit from the added vitamins and minerals found in small amounts of fresh produce. Allowing pets to have a bite of banana, a scoop of cooked sweet potato, or a few steamed green beans here and there is something pet owners can feel good about, and a treat that many pets enjoy immensely.

One can always have too much of a good thing, of course, and when it comes to pitted fruits, such as peaches, cherries, and nectarines, this is certainly the case. Pets and pitted fruit toxicity is a serious issue that all owners of fruit loving pets should be aware of. Here’s how to give your pet all the benefits of these nutritious fruits while they’re in season, without exposing them to a potential toxin. Continue reading

The Home-Brewer’s Guide: Alcohol Toxicity in Pets and Other Hazards

Brew day is fun, but it’s not something to take lightly at all. Carefully chosen ingredients – measured precisely – are cooked and combined to create a special sort of alchemy. Without a doubt, home brewing requires excellent timing, preparation, and focus.

But in the midst of hop pellets, yeast, and spent grain, pets can find themselves in a lot of trouble. Additionally, alcohol toxicity in pets is a significant risk of home brewing. To prevent emergencies connected to home brewing, we offer the following tips. Continue reading