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The Golden Years: End of Life Care for Exotic Pets

Aging happens no matter if you are a human, dog, or hamster. At West Park Animal Hospital, we know that your pocket pet deserves the best during their golden years, just as much as any dog or cat. End of life care for exotic pets is important, too, and we are here to help your senior pet live with dignity and comfort.

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Hot Pockets: When Summer Pocket Pet Safety Takes Center Stage

Summer is arguably the best time of year for pets and people alike. There’s so much to do, so many enticing smells, and daylight seems to last forever. With all the goodness in store over the next few months, there are equal opportunities for pets to find trouble. Of these animals, pocket pets face particular risks when it comes to illness, injury, or escape. Don’t let it happen to you with our summer pocket pet safety guide.

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The Basics of Exotic Pet Care

exotic petsFrom the feathered to the scaled, exotic pets (often called “pocket pets”) have captured the hearts of many pet owners. However, along with their special qualities comes extra care requirements that must be heeded to keep them healthy and happy. In fact, we end up seeing many exotic species when their specific nutritional or housing needs have been misunderstood.

To help keep your exotic in optimum health, we’ve compiled some basic information to eliminate some of the confusion around exotic pet care.

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Inherit A Ferret: Important Tips For Optimal Ferret Health

WestPark_iStock_000009062618_LargeWhile there are most definitely scores of ferret lovers out there, adopting one is isn’t always a family’s first choice. Sadly, a prejudice reigns over numerous benefits of ferret ownership, but we are seeing increasing acceptance of these intelligent, furry companions.

If you’ve been wondering what ferrets are like, and how you might be able to support ferret health, we offer the following broad strokes.

What Is A Ferret?

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How to Feed Rabbits: Building a Healthy Foundation

Rabbits' hutchAny exotic pet owner knows how important diet can be for the health and happiness of their pet, and rabbits are no exception to this rule. Feeding your pet rabbit a good quality diet is a cornerstone for successful care, but many people are unclear on how to feed rabbits appropriately. Read on to be sure you are feeding your bunny the right way. Continue reading