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An Unthinkable Tragedy: How to Avoid a Stolen Pet

stolen petPet theft is on the rise, with close to 2 million pets being stolen each year. Depending on breed, some of these pets end up as fighting dogs, used for breeding, or sold to labs that test on animals. In many other cases, they’re simply given as gifts or taken home.

A stolen pet is a particularly tragic situation, as many of these pets are never reunited with their rightful families. While this may seem unlikely because you supervise your pet, the reality is there are many situations that put a pet at risk. Pet theft can happen any time; all it takes is a few seconds.

In observance of Pet Theft Awareness Day on February 14th, we want to help protect your pet by offering up the following tips.

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When Saying Goodbye is the Compassionate Decision

iStock_000027138034_MediumQuite possibly, one of the most difficult decisions we may face as loving pet parents is when to say goodbye to our pet. From the time we adopt that sweet kitten or playful puppy, through the many years we share with him or her, letting go of a beloved friend is heartbreaking. Yet, for a pet who is suffering in the final stages of terminal illness or old age, choosing euthanasia can be the most compassionate choice you make, allowing your pet an easier transition.

In most cases, consistent veterinary medical care will help inform you of your pet’s life expectancy and condition, depending on what disease or illness has been diagnosed. Through these examinations, you will feel better equipped to understand what your pet may be going through physically and emotionally. By partnering with your pet’s veterinary care team, you will be empowered with an understanding of his or her end of life stages and have the comfort of knowing you are never alone or without support. Continue reading