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What Everyone Can Do to Promote Winter Cat Care

Winter cat care is part of winter pet safety.

Cats are amazing animals that are capable of living in extreme climates, but that doesn’t mean constant exposure to the elements is good for their health. Domestic cats that are allowed to roam outside or those that live exclusively outdoors (e.g., feral or stray cats) have more to contend with than just the weather. As a result, many owners choose the indoor-only lifestyle for their pet.

But what about cats that dart out at night or the ones who hang around the neighborhood that don’t seem to belong to anyone? Aside from protecting pets from potential illness and injury, winter cat care can be a real struggle. Fortunately, the team at West Park Animal Hospital is here to help!

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Fall Fun For Your Pet

Fall fun for your pet can include great pet exercise and outdoor pet fun!

We love the autumn season. Cooler weather, beautiful fall foliage, apples, pumpkins and Halloween. What’s not to love? This year, why not include your pet in many of the festive fall activities you yourself love to do. It’s a matter of getting creative and thinking outside the box, and at West Park Animal Hospital, we’re here to help you do just that!

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Splish, Splash, Safe: Dog Water Safety 101

Even if your dog is a true beach bum or poolside pup, good dog water safety is a must.Summer may be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean we’re packing up the sunscreen or covering the grill just yet. Spending the day at the lake or pool is still on the agenda for many families, and bringing a water-loving dog along adds another layer of fun.

Even if your dog is a true beach bum or poolside pup, good dog water safety is a must. Keep the following tips in mind for a fun, safe, and successful day on the water with your four-legged family member. Continue reading

Heatstroke in Pets: Prevent, Recognize, and Intervene Immediately

Heatstroke in pets doesn't only happen on extremely hot days. The risks of heatstroke in pets are very real. Symptoms don’t always stem from over-exertion on a hot day. Instead, the prime culprit is usually plain and simple dehydration. Pets sweat a little bit through their noses and paw pads, but in an attempt to regulate internal body temperature, they pant. If access to shade and cool, clean water is restricted, organ dysfunction and even failure can occur on a hot and humid day. Prevention must remain a top priority, but being able to recognize the signs and know how to help are equally important.

The Basics

Heatstroke in pets, or hyperthermia, is characterized by an internal temperature greater than 103 degrees. Overexposure to environmental heat can lead to internal temperatures of 109 degrees, multiple organ failure, and even death. Continue reading

Healthy and Fun: Summer Treats for Your Dog

summer treats for your dog can be nutritious pet treats, too.Temperatures are starting to heat up, and although it’s not too unbearable yet, we know hot weather is approaching! Now is a great time to gather ideas and recipes for one of the most delightful summer activities: making summer treats for your dog.

If you love to make things for your dog, but you’re short on ideas, never fear! West Park Animal Hospital has gathered some cool treats that are tasty, healthy, and fun for your dog.


You may already be familiar with this popular idea. Making a pupsicle begins with filling small Dixie cups or an ice tray with your dog’s favorite fillings. Simply add a small bone in the center (the “stick”) and freeze. The finished product looks like a popsicle – one that your dog will love! There are countless variations on this easy-to-prepare treat. Here are some of our favorites:   Continue reading

Party Animals! Your Guide To Throwing A Pet Friendly Party

Throughout history, human beings will find any excuse to throw a party. We get together to celebrate nearly every milestone in life including birthdays, graduations, awards, retirements, baptisms, and many more. But why should we have all the fun?

Today’s pets enjoy an elevated status in our society, and with over 50% of U.S. households containing one or more four-legged family member, it makes sense that the pet party industry has taken off. At West Park Animal Hospital we love the idea of celebrating pets, and have put together some ideas to get you started off on the right paw when it comes to throwing your own pet friendly party.

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Thinking Ahead About Pet Winter Safety and Cold Weather Gear

winter pet safetyWinter in October? Well, we understand that most of us may not be ready for the idea of cold, snow, and shoveling, but the time will soon be upon us. Along with some of the checklists you might have for winterizing your car or home, adding your pet to the list will also help ensure all their winter needs are met.

With less outdoor play time and all the extra gear you might need to keep them warm, Cleveland winters can take their toll on our furry friends. The West Park Animal Hospital team has some pet winter safety tips so when the time arrives, you and your best pal will be prepared.

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Easy as 1-2-3: Paying Attention to Summer Cat Care

summer cat careWith the exception of, say, a Sphynx breed, cats are built to withstand frosty temperatures. In fact, their warm coats are fairly enviable in January when the windchill cuts right through our own wool coats. The flipside of having a warm, cozy, insulating coat is that, during the summer, the heat can go from slightly uncomfortable to downright dangerous. To reduce the risk of heatstroke and dehydration, we offer the best in summer cat care.

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5 Things Pet Owners Should Know about Winter in Cleveland

Dog on a Snowy DayLike much of the United States, we enjoy four distinct seasons here in Cleveland; rainy springs, warm summers, crisp autumns, and snowy winters. While we are fortunate to not experience a lot of the extreme weather dangers typically seen in other parts of the country, Cleveland residents (and their pets) must contend with a longer-than-average winter, typically November-April.

With a colder and snowier winter already forecasted for Northeast Ohio, it’s time to start making plans to keep you and your pet active and engaged during the coldest months. West Park Animal Hospital has put together a guide aimed at helping you and your pets not only survive but also thrive this winter in Cleveland.

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Fish are Jumpin’, Cotton is High: It’s Time for Summer Pet Safety

WestPark_iStock_000063610175_LargeThe sheer number of activities during the summer is astounding. Your calendar is brimming with play dates, outdoor adventures, and BBQ’s. Chances are, your pet rushes into this busy schedule with delight, which is why our staff has compiled the following summer pet safety tips and tricks.

Some Basics

Before the heat and humidity hits our fair city, we recommend scheduling your pet’s wellness visit. This proactive approach ensures your pet’s parasite preventives and vaccinations are up to date. A routine check can also reveal problems, such as arthritis, that could become worse if your pet joins you outdoors this summer. Continue reading