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When the Sidewalks Sizzle: Summer Pet Paw Care

If you’ve ever walked barefoot across sand or concrete in the summer, you know how painful it can be. Summer heat can also take its toll on our pets’ sensitive paw pads; however, paw care is often neglected. This summer, make sure your pet is protected with these warm weather paw care tips.

5 Paw Care Tips for the Summer

  1. Walk when surface temperatures are cool. One of the biggest mistakes that can harm paw pads is not checking surface temps before taking your dog for a walk. Even if it seems reasonable outside, ground temperature can pose a burn risk – particularly asphalt, concrete, and sand. Before you head out, check the surface temperature by placing your palm flat on the ground. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for paws.
  2. Consider dog booties. With a wide variety of choices, dog booties can protect your pet’s paws from heat, broken glass, burrs, and sharp rocks. Just be sure to have your pet properly fitted for optimal comfort and support.
  3. Inspect. After romping around outdoors, it’s important to check your pet’s paws for signs of dryness, cracking, or other injury. It’s also a good idea to clean the paws, removing any dirt or potential outdoor toxins (e.g., lawn pesticides).
  4. Moisturize. Similar to our own skin, paw pads are sensitive to hot weather. Because so many recreational activities involve asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces, paws can become dry and are susceptible to cracking and bleeding. As part of your paw care routine, use a pet-safe balm or lotion to keep your fur pal’s paws moisturized throughout the year.
  5. Keep paws clean and well-groomed. It’s difficult to monitor the condition of nails and paw pads when hair around the feet becomes too long. Keep your pet’s paws healthy by maintaining monthly grooming appointments and keeping nails and feet clean.

This summer, don’t neglect your pet’s paw care routine. When temperatures soar, paw pads become dry, leaving them prone to cuts, scrapes, burns, and other injuries. In addition, don’t forget all the wear and tear that comes with outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. Remember, healthy feet are happy feet!

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