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Who’s The Boss? Tips and Tricks For Sneaking Medication To Pets

Just when you thought you pulled the wool over your pet’s eyes, he or she spits out the pill you oh-so-stealthily slipped into that deliciously creamy Havarti. It’s so aggravating when all your hard work is literally laying on the floor between you… Not to mention a tragic loss of cheese.

The echoes of “it’s for your own good” fall flat: your pet has got you in a corner. Luckily, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Our tips and tricks for sneaking medication to pets are coming right up!

A Big Pill To Swallow

Some of the most commonly prescribed pet medications are used to treat infections, pain, inflammation, kill parasites, reduce anxiety, and treat specific conditions like allergies, diabetes, or cancer.

Pets on a prolonged medication schedule tend to grow wise to the normally effective “stick it in some cheese” method, and the revolt is nothing less than frustrating.

Getting Clever

Fear not! Sneaking medication to pets doesn’t have to be tiresome; instead, think of the trial and error period as re-acquainting yourself to your individual pet’s quirks. In short, get clever and figure out what your pet will endure and accept.

Similarly, it’s important to scale back on your stress level. When your pet picks up on your anxiety, worry, or apprehension he or she will react in kind. Set a tone that is light-hearted and reassuring before administering the medicine. Never force the dose.

Sneaking Medication to Pets

Many medications now come flavored, and if it’s an option you could see if your pet will accept it. Alternatively, if your pet balks at a bitter tasting pill, slip the tablet into plain gelcaps. These slide down a bit easier and if you’re masking them in food, the bitterness remains well-hidden.

Taking Time

If you are struggling inside your home, take your pet outside where he or she is apt to become distracted by the all the smells and sights. Get those good feelings rolling and then offer the medication. Follow up with a game, exercise, or special treat to buoy all those earlier positive associations.

The Food Trick

Many medications cause stomach upset and should be taken without food. Otherwise, sneaking medication to pets can be done via regular meals or snacks. Please let us know if you are unsure how your pet’s medication should be given.

Our tips include:

  • Cutting larger pills into smaller pieces and cover with wet food. Observe closely to ensure your pet ate all the medication.
  • Cooked chicken, tuna, or small hot dog bites, cream cheese, banana, or peanut butter work very well to entice your pet. If your pet spits out the pill, try smaller bits.
  • If the bits still aren’t getting eaten, you may grind up the pill and sprinkle over food or treats.
  • Edible pill pockets are usually successful
  • Become one with the pill dispenser. Sometimes food options fail to inspire pets, especially if they are sick, injured, or have been on medication for a length of time. Once you get into the groove, you and your pet will simply accept the task and move on afterwards (cue the ‘atta boy/girl and lots of back scratches, though).

Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Administering medication to your pet isn’t fun or easy, but it’s part of the job sometimes. Please contact our veterinarians and staff if you need help addressing the needs of your puppy or kitten, or your senior pet. We are always here to support the health of your pet!

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