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The Elephant in the Room: Holiday Pet Safety May Hinge on the Decor

pet safetyLooking at old holiday photographs, it’s interesting to see the decorative choices that were made. Bright silver-looking artificial trees, aerosol-spray artificial snow, and mounds of tinsel all contribute to some warm and fuzzy memories, but luckily, these were mostly fads from a different era.

Current holiday decorations might be more tasteful and refined, but like all flashy, glittery, and attractive seasonal additions to the home, they still pose risks to holiday pet safety.

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Tinsel, Toxic Plants, and Other Dangers: Our Holiday Pet Safety Rules

Rabbits' hutchThere are certain magical combinations that are simply meant to be: peanut butter and jelly, Ben and Jerry, wine and cheese, Hall & Oates – the list goes on and on. As far as we’re concerned, pets and the holidays are another of those fantastic pairings. Who can resist a furry friend snoozing by the hearth? With our holiday pet safety tips, you can relax and enjoy spending time together as the perfect moments unfold.

Dangerous Decor

It wouldn’t be the holidays without all the fabulous decor, but keeping your pet away from all the sparkly temptations can be a challenge. Start your pet off on the right paw by establishing these holiday pet safety rules: Continue reading

Holiday Decoration Dangers for Pets

Cat as a presentFor many of us, the day after Thanksgiving is the ideal time to deck the halls. With the twinkling lights, glittery decorations, and edible treats, it’s a magical time of year – what’s not to enjoy? But for your cat or dog, these seasonal items can present decoration dangers.

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