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What Everyone Can Do to Promote Winter Cat Care

Winter cat care is part of winter pet safety.

Cats are amazing animals that are capable of living in extreme climates, but that doesn’t mean constant exposure to the elements is good for their health. Domestic cats that are allowed to roam outside or those that live exclusively outdoors (e.g., feral or stray cats) have more to contend with than just the weather. As a result, many owners choose the indoor-only lifestyle for their pet.

But what about cats that dart out at night or the ones who hang around the neighborhood that don’t seem to belong to anyone? Aside from protecting pets from potential illness and injury, winter cat care can be a real struggle. Fortunately, the team at West Park Animal Hospital is here to help!

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The Ins and Outs of Being an Indoor-Outdoor Cat

Cat makes gymnastics in the sun for waking upBusy roadways, feral animals, poisons, and indistinct boundaries are just a few good reasons many cat owners opt to keep Fluffy at home. Yet, many indoor only cats find their way outside relatively safely. How do you know if your cat can successfully negotiate the transition from an indoor lifestyle to an outdoor one? With a bit of strategy and preparation, you can rest assured that your adventurous indoor-outdoor cat will keep coming back home. Continue reading