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Tips and Tricks for Pet Ear Cleaning

The special anatomy of cat and dog ears can create certain challenges. Infection and inflammation are common ailments that affect multiple parts of the ear, but injury can also occur. All problems in and around the ear have the potential for intense discomfort and should be properly addressed. Pet ear cleaning is just one way to promote overall health of this part of the body, and we’ve got some tips to help you get started!

A Closer Look

The outer ear is called the pinna. Dog breeds with long, floppy ears, those with a lot of hair around the ear, and swimmers are more prone to suffering ear infections. The pinna is also susceptible to bites, scratches, or abrasions.

The middle ear contains the fragile eardrum (tympanic membrane), small bones, an air-filled cavity, and a thin tube that leads to the back of the mouth.

The inner ear contains nerves and is comprised of the centers for hearing and balance. It also connects to the brain.

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Is Pet Hair Taking Over Your Life? We Can Help!

pet hairEver since pets moved from living strictly outdoors to occupying our homes, animal lovers have been grappling with pet hair on our clothes, couches, beds, and pretty much everywhere. Depending on a pet’s shedding habits, this can be a serious nuisance. But short of shaving him or her (which won’t cut down on the hair anyway), what’s a pet owner to do?

Start From the Source

Every hair you manage to remove from your pet is one less you’ll have to remove from your home. This makes daily grooming the single best way to mitigate a furry problem. By committing to just a few minutes of brushing each day, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in the amount of furries and fuzzies floating around your house. Thanks to some wonderful products, such as the FURminator, getting rid of excess fur on your pet has never been easier.

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The Feline Fanatic’s Guide to Grooming Your Cat

Professional Cat Groomer in a Pet SalonCats are known for their fastidious self-care habits and meticulous nature. While this may buy you some leeway in your grooming responsibilities, most pet cats do need a little help, though. Most cat owners do little to keep their kitties pristine, but grooming your cat is an important part of pet ownership. Are you doing enough to keep your pet healthy and happy?

Basics of Coat Care

Many cats do a phenomenal job of caring for their own coats, however most need a little help here and there. In particular, animals that have challenges that impede the ability to perform adequate self-grooming are going to need your assistance. These cats include those who: Continue reading

Taking the Fear Out of Trimming Dog Nails

cutting dog nailMany pet owners balk at trimming dog nails because the potential for disaster is always present. In reality, though, most dog owners are perfectly capable of giving their pet a pedicure. With a little education and preparation, your fear of trimming dog nails can be a thing of the past.

The Anatomy of the Nail

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Taking the Fear Out of Pet Nail Trimming

Doctor veterinarian is trimming dog nailsPet nail trimming is a necessary task, yet one that creates a lot of doubt, even in those who readily bathe and groom their own doggies. There is the valid fear of cutting to close to the quick, or the area where nail meets soft tissue. There is also the acrobatics involved of getting your dog – or cat (wow) – to sit still through the process. Continue reading

The Importance of Pet Grooming

WestPark_iStock_000021553789_LargeHave you ever noticed that well-groomed pets appear healthier and more comfortable than others? A pet whose owner spends time and resources to wash, brush, or trim might even look dazzlingly smug…The pretty Persian or debonair Dachsund are surely lucky to receive special attention for such vital treatment, but beyond that, the result of proper pet grooming is greater health, especially during the cold winter months. Continue reading