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One Day at a Time: Training Tips for Blind and Deaf Pets

Training blind and deaf pets isn't hard and can improve their quality of life!

Finding out your pet is losing their hearing or vision can be a devastating blow to any pet owner. Concerns regarding care and quality of life are common, and many pet owners also wonder how they’ll maintain their pet’s obedience skills if they can no longer see or hear.

The team at West Park Animal Hospital wants to assure you that training blind and deaf pets doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few adjustments and plenty of loving compassion, your special pet can still reap all the benefits of obedience training.

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Spring Training: How Obedience Training Can Help Your Pet

Master playing with his dogProspective owners of dogs typically do not share a proclivity for unruly, wayward canine behavior; instead, soon-to-be pet parents smile at the thought of a naturally well-behaved pooch that doesn’t jump up on company, bark excessively, or chew the furniture.

However, dogs don’t simply arrive on our doorsteps with manners. Like children, dogs need to be taught the basics of how to behave; and spring is a wonderful time to start that obedience training you’ve been thinking about. With the goal in mind of helping your dog live a happier, more complete life, we can help you get that ball rolling! Continue reading

Tips and Tricks to Calm a Hyper Pet

Jumping dogA hyperactive pet can inspire both amusement and sheer exasperation in their people. But, even owners who accept the antics of their hyper pet can eventually reach a point of irritation. If you suspect that your pet may be a little too adept at bouncing off the walls; hyperactivity may be to blame for his or her behavior.

The good news is, this condition doesn’t have to continue, and your West Park Animal Hospital team is here to help you understand how to calm a hyper pet. Continue reading