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Under Construction? The Keys to Pet Safety During a Remodel

Pet safety during a remodel should be a considerationWhether you’ve hired a contractor or you’re doing the work yourself, a remodel at home can be a huge undertaking. Even if your project is confined to a small part of the house or it doesn’t have an extended timetable, home construction upends the natural ease and comfort that pets depend on.

Since they can’t see the big picture (or get excited about your home’s new addition), it’s understandable when their reactions center on stress, fear, and anxiety. However, by paying close attention to pet safety during a remodel, you can rest assured you’ll all get through the process unscathed.

Pets at Risk

Construction projects have their own unique sounds, smells, and sights, and they’re all probably new to your pet. With all the changes occurring inside the house, it’s critical to keep up with your pet’s routine. Be sure to maintain normal meal and exercise times, and be careful not to upset or remove their go-to potty spot(s) or scheduled bathroom breaks.

A Safe Space

Enforcing the pre-construction routine is vital to pet safety during a remodel, but what about the risk of tools? Certainly, the noise of certain tools, like hammers, have the potential to hurt (or even damage) your pet’s delicate ears. As a result, it’s a good idea to create a safe, quiet space for your pet to relax away from the noise and traffic of the project. Provide white noise, soft music, or other noise blockers.

Actual Dangers

In addition, the danger of things like nails or screw guns, jackhammers, and other power tools is very real. Please instruct your contractor or on-site workers to always keep these items in areas your pet can’t reach.  

Likewise, do your best to keep your pet away from the active construction zone (and surrounding areas), and request that work stop if/when your pet enters the site. Also encourage tasks be done outside when possible to decrease the chances of an accident inside the house.  

Pet Safety During a Remodel

Please know that most remodels are completed without a hitch, and the risks to pets are safely mitigated with common sense, keen attention, and follow-through. With that said, we offer the following tips for pet safety during a remodel:

  • Inspect the site and perimeter daily for any dangers to your pet.
  • Monitor the safety barrier or fencing.
  • Ask that any holes (inside or outside) be covered up after construction hours.
  • Crate your pet (or securely barricade them in a room) if you aren’t going to be home during the hours of construction.
  • Microchip your pet or update any changes to an existing one.
  • Introduce your pet to people who will be on your property during the project.
  • Be aware of any chemicals, toxins, paints, dust, or fumes that may endanger your pet.
  • Keep your pet active and engaged with you (exercise is critical during this stressful time).
  • Know how to identify signs of pet stress and anxiety.

Another Solution

Boarding your pet might be worth considering. You can board them for the duration of the project or just on days you know will be loud or more dangerous. Of course, you’re welcome to make West Park Animal Hospital your pet’s home away from home anytime.

Our team is here to help. Please let us know if you have additional questions regarding pet safety during a remodel. Good luck!

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