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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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267 lit candles

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   For Casey  ~Lit by~ Christina and Audrey..we miss you

   For Binkey (Lillamh...Lammy)  ~Lit by~ Mommy Bing. Miss and love you so much!

   For Lil Lamh  ~Lit by~ Cham family

   For Binkey (Lillamh...Lammy)  ~Lit by~ Mommy Bing. Miss and love you so much!

   For Bailey  ~Lit by~ Geoff, Jackie, Emily, Booker

   For Cash  ~Lit by~ Amanda & Ray we love you brother

   For Henry  ~Lit by~ Jennifer.You were a great pet

   For Peppy  ~Lit by~ With love Sam, Kyle, Kayla, & Daniel

   For Sophie  ~Lit by~ Your Family that love you and miss you so much

   For Mickey  ~Lit by~ Love you forever! Your family who misses you terribly😪

   For Harlie Kavak  ~Lit by~ Dad & Mom

   For Shelby  ~Lit by~ Sandi with Love

   For Daphne   ~Lit by~ Bieniecki Family

   For Phantom  ~Lit by~ Joe Lapka

   For Mo  ~Lit by~ Paulette and Dan Fuerst

   For Stella  ~Lit by~ Paulette and Dan Fuerst

   For Louie  ~Lit by~ Wendy and Taylor with love always

   For Sandal  ~Lit by~ Melissa, Ashlyn, Ryan and Ron

   For Sandal  ~Lit by~ Melissa, Ashlym, Ryan and ron

   For Tazzy  ~Lit by~ Shelley + Keith

   For ldjlyagbs  ~Lit by~ kYVMRxArGOiYgO

   For Ruby  ~Lit by~ Jen, Mike, Kaylee and Tessa

   For lwewkewt  ~Lit by~ QjagDlxoLEnNrex

   For lowhcitf  ~Lit by~ rdTUVaVlTiqG

   For wefbgsxj  ~Lit by~ qmOOrzKEJRRECAOYP

   For Riley  ~Lit by~ The Entire Haney Family

   For Mattie  ~Lit by~ Those who loved you

   For mnpstdizuns  ~Lit by~ vzSxMrFPGPPnKcLgsZ

   For sickju  ~Lit by~ IUuWobbthS

   For Kodi, Gus & LG  ~Lit by~ Joanie and Chris

   For Bradley  ~Lit by~ NY

   For Punky  ~Lit by~ Love you forever, Michelle and Ted, Karen

   For Bosco  ~Lit by~ Marie and Monica ~ We will all miss you <3

   For Pepper  ~Lit by~ Mazio

   For Pyewacket  ~Lit by~ Mommy. I love you, buddy! Please keep Andy company at the Bridge!

   For Andy W Corgi  ~Lit by~ Mommy. I miss you so much, Tuzzy! I love you.

   For Lucy   ~Lit by~ Mommy

   For pepper  ~Lit by~ mom

   For Tagg  ~Lit by~ Lora

   For My Purr Baby Tigger  ~Lit by~ Brenda

   For Casey  ~Lit by~ Emily

   For Merlyn   ~Lit by~ Huey and Tabitha

   For lbyddaugytb  ~Lit by~ kPnLTGhvURRaTR

   For xwwtpaeaxrb  ~Lit by~ lkAqceYVscRFMsf

   For Peanut  ~Lit by~ Momma

   For Bubbles  ~Lit by~ Your Family

   For Birthday  ~Lit by~ Your Family

   For Baby  ~Lit by~ Your Family

   For Manny  ~Lit by~ Your Family

   For Sally  ~Lit by~ Your Family

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