Full-Service Pocket Pet Care in Cleveland OH


A Located in Cleveland, Ohio, our full-service animal hospital is happy to treat a variety of exotic and pocket pet patients, such as:

Our talented pocket pet veterinarian, Dr. Kari Swedenborg, and trained staff are focused on quality, compassionate pet care that optimizes the overall wellbeing of your unique little friend. We use only the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that your pet is getting the absolute best of care. Included in our long list of exotic pet care services is:

Pocket Pet Husbandry: How to Properly Care for Your Pet

Improper housing and feeding are the leading causes of illness and even death in many pocket pets. Since these cute little creatures have an innate ability to mask signs of sickness until the problem has reached an advanced, sometimes even fatal stage, it is imperative to educate yourself on what specifically your pocket pet needs to lead a happy, healthy life. With each species comes a different set of needs, ranging from:

We highly encourage you to contact us today if you have questions on how to properly care for your little loved one. We can provide you with plenty of professional advice and veterinary guidance to help ensure the wellbeing of your pet.