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Veterinary Diagnostics


X-Ray of Dog's HindquartersIn a commitment to bring you superior veterinary care, we house a variety of progressive diagnostic technologies that could ultimately save your pet’s life. Veterinary tools like digital X-rays, ultrasound, electrocardiography, endoscopy, and a complete onsite veterinary laboratory provide us with the means to accurately diagnose and treat your furry friend with great efficiency and skill.


Veterinary digital X-rays, or radiographs, capture images of your pet’s bones, joints, and organs to help our trusted veterinarians evaluate the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. Far more advanced than traditional X-ray machines, digital X-ray equipment offers numerous added benefits, including:

  • A much quicker process
  • Less anesthesia and less time under anesthesia
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Immediate results that appear digitally on a computer
  • Email capabilities to send to you or our board-certified radiologist consultant
  • More precise visibility of images
  • Higher diagnostic accuracy
  • More prompt diagnosis
  • Speedier road to treatment and recovery
  • Dental X-Ray unit available for diseased mouths

In addition to such modern diagnostic services, we can also provide you with a consultation from a board-certified radiology specialist regarding your pet’s digital X-ray or ultrasound results.


Taking a special interest in our companion animal ultrasound services are three of our talented veterinarians, Dr. Megan Culler, Dr. Borys Pakush, and Dr. Nicole Planter. Projecting internal images onto a monitor non-invasively, pet ultrasound can aid us in determining:

We can also use ultrasound as a monitoring tool to keep tabs on improving or worsening conditions.


Our veterinary electrocardiography machine is yet another noninvasive tool that we use to assess and monitor the electrical activity of your pet’s heart. Through the placement of small electrodes on the body, we can accurately detect life-threatening cardiac abnormalities and treat such conditions quickly.

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“Anytime we call or come in, they are welcoming and very helpful! To us, this is important when choosing a doctor. So high five West Park; job well done!!!!”

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“I used to bring my dog here when we lived closer - I loved the people working there. They're all animal lovers and truly enjoy what they're doing. They keep it well maintained and clean, and their prices are outstanding compared to their competition.”


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