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Grain-Free diets and possible life-threatening complications

  Choosing the right diet for your pet is a hard decision since there are so many choices, but it is key to their short and long term health. We want to assist pet owners with choosing a diet as best we can by educating them with current research and so, we advise that you […]


Breed Spotlight: Boxers

The boxer is one of the most beloved and well-known dog breeds in America. Their worried, wrinkled faces belie a loyal companion that’s friendly with people they know, alert around strangers, and always ready for a walk, playtime, or snuggle on the sofa. West Park Animal Hospital wants to take a moment to shine a […]


Cuteness Overload: Sugar Glider Care 101

The care and keeping of exotic pets has long fascinated humans, and the practice has grown in popularity in recent years. Sugar gliders are popular exotic pets, beloved for their small size, huge eyes, social nature, and affectionate attachment to their handlers. Although they look like a cross between a squirrel and a mouse, sugar […]


Things Dogs Eat: The Problem With Pica in Pets

Has your pet ever eaten anything you don’t consider to be edible? Those of us with dogs, and some cats, can attest to this activity. And most of the time, our reaction is one of dismay, bewilderment, or even disgust. Unfortunately our pets just don’t seem to mind our protests, no matter how vehement! Pica […]


Hot Diggity Dog: Why Dogs Dig (and What to do About It!)

Most of the time, dogs do things that amaze us, but our canine companions can also be really exasperating at times. Some pets have especially challenging habits, and when dogs dig holes all over the backyard, owners may find themselves being tested beyond measure. So, what’s up with this canine behavior, and what can you […]


Snork, Honk, Wheeze: Is Reverse Sneezing in Pets Normal?

Our pets do so many adorable and endearing things, it would take forever to list them all. Occasionally, however, they surprise or even frighten us with a behavior that comes from seemingly nowhere. One such phenomenon is the honking, gagging, wheezing sound, known as “reverse sneezing,” which is surprisingly common among dogs and cats (to […]


Small Dog Aggression: Is it Real?

If you’re the proud owner of a small dog, you know that big personalities often come in the tiniest packages. There are plenty of memes, YouTube videos, and other anecdotal evidence that shows tiny dogs bossing around bigger dogs, cats, and people. However, while this may be funny to watch online, small dog aggression can […]


Sneezy, Wheezy, and Snorey: Feline Asthma and Other Cat Breathing Noises

If your cat is suddenly making noise while breathing that you aren’t used to hearing, you may be understandably concerned. While the occasional kitty sneeze or sniffle can be adorable, many times changes in breathing noises can indicate a problem. So how is a pet owner to know whether a cat-sized wheeze is just a […]


Tips and Tricks for Pet Ear Cleaning

The special anatomy of cat and dog ears can create certain challenges. Infection and inflammation are common ailments that affect multiple parts of the ear, but injury can also occur. All problems in and around the ear have the potential for intense discomfort and should be properly addressed. Pet ear cleaning is just one way […]


Beneath the Surface: Common Skin Conditions in Dogs

Just like in humans, a dog’s skin is their largest organ, and it plays an incredible role in their overall health. Whether it’s regulating body temperature, creating vitamin D, or providing a critical line of defense against pathogens, the skin is truly an amazing thing! That’s why when the skin is impacted by health issues, […]