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Perineal Urethrostomy Procedure in Cleveland, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Perineal Urethrostomy Procedure in Cleveland, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Golden retriever and kitten playing together in grass Urinary obstructions can occur in both dogs and cats. If left untreated, this condition can lead to several disastrous consequences for pets and their owners. In many cases, perineal urethrostomy is an effective treatment option to alleviate a pet’s symptoms and lower the risk of re-obstruction from occurring.

At West Park Animal Hospital, we take great pride in offering compassionate and effective care for domestic cats and dogs. Our collaborative team performs a wide range of surgical procedures, including perineal urethrostomy in dogs and cats. Learn more about what the procedure entails and what to expect.

What Is Perineal Urethrostomy?

Perineal urethrostomy is a surgical procedure used to treat urinary blockages in cats and dogs. The procedure involves removing the narrowest part of the urethra to create a new urinary opening. Decreasing the length of the urethra allows urine to bypass the narrowed region. Perineal urethrostomy can treat the urethra blockage; however, it does not treat the underlying condition that originally caused the stone or blockage formation. In severe cases, pets may still experience blockage after a perineal urethrostomy.

Urinary obstruction can occur in both males and females, although most commonly males are affected. In most cases, the condition is caused by bladder stones that get stuck in the urethra and prevent the clear passage of urine. The urinary obstruction can also be caused by tumors, cystitis, and mucous plugs, as well as muscle spasms in the urethra.

Signs and Symptoms to Look For

Owners concerned that their pet has a urinary blockage should be on the lookout for warning signs. No matter if it’s a dog or cat with an obstruction, the animal will often be seen straining to urinate but producing very little or none at all. With a blockage, many animals will appear to be in pain as they attempt to urinate. In cats, urinary obstruction may cause extreme lethargy, vomiting, or even collapse.

About the Procedure

To determine whether or not your pet is a good candidate for a perineal urethrostomy, vets will first conduct a thorough examination. Pre-surgical testing may include blood samples to check for other diseases or deficiencies that may interfere with the surgical procedure. Before the procedure begins, pet owners will be informed about the surgery process with details about recovery, side effects, and other factors. Owners will also be instructed on pre-surgical preparation for their beloved pet, such as when to stop solids and liquids the night before surgery.

The procedure is performed under anesthesia and is considered to be very safe. While every surgical procedure comes with inherent risk, the overall risk of perineal urethrostomy is low for a healthy patient. The procedure begins with the veterinarian making a small incision; from there, the veterinarian will be able to access the urinary blockage and perform the necessary steps to rectify the obstruction. Once the procedure is completed, stitches are applied to seal the incision, and patients are brought to our intensive care unit (ICU). The procedure generally takes less than two hours to complete.

Aftercare Following Procedure

Following a perineal urethrostomy procedure, patients must be kept calm and inactive during their recovery. The incisions can become aggravated by excitement or too much activity. Pet owners should not be alarmed if they notice a small amount of bleeding from the surgery site. Owners must keep the surgical site as clean as possible, washing it several times a day. The surgical team will provide pet owners explicit instructions to follow to ensure their beloved animals have successful recoveries.

Find Advanced Pet Care at West Park Animal Hospital

If your pet is showing signs of a urinary blockage, turn to the dedicated team at West Park Animal Hospital. We offer advanced veterinary care for pet owners living in West Park, North Olmstead, Berea, Rocky River, Lakewood, Fairview Park, and the surrounding areas. As a clinic accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), our team delivers high-quality, evidence-based care for your pets, including perineal urethrostomy. Contact us today or fill out our new patient form to learn more about perineal urethrostomy in dogs and cats.

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