Sophisticated In-House Veterinary Laboratory


In an effort to provide Cleveland, Ohio, with top quality pet care and excellence in veterinary laboratory testing and diagnostics, we at West Park Animal Hospital are proud to offer a wide array of leading industry technologies to help us analyze, identify, and treat a variety of small animal conditions in a matter of minutes. Whether your pet is suffering from a sudden illness or is simply receiving preventive care during a routine wellness checkup, we offer reliable diagnostic services that can catch the early onset of disease as well as other serious ailments and problematic pet conditions.

Variety of Veterinary Testing Capabilities

Our advanced in-house veterinary laboratory features high-tech equipment such as the IDEXX laboratory and a coagulation machine that checks for clotting capabilities, in addition to a comprehensive list of dependable testing proficiencies including:

If you suspect that your dog, cat, or pocket pet may be under the weather, please contact us to schedule an appointment soon. We want your companion to be a healthy, fun-loving pet again!