Comforting & Safe Pain Management for Your Companion Animal


If your little furry friend seems to be in pain from illness, injury, veterinary surgery, arthritis, or any other factor that can inflict discomfort on your pet, we highly recommend using the many trusted animal pain management options offered to you through our West Cleveland, Ohio, veterinary hospital. Not only will your pet be able to make it through each day much more comfortably, but also he or she will also reap several other benefits, such as:

Pet Pain Management Options

Whatever you do, please do NOT give your pet human medications such as Advil or Ibuprofen. This is not safe and can ultimately harm your companion animal. At West Park Animal Hospital, we can provide you with a safe, trusted, and appropriate means of prescribed pet pain management that has been FDA-approved. Some options include:

How will I know if my pet is in pain? Signs and symptoms of discomfort in animals

It is important to familiarize yourself with your pet's daily routine and behaviors so that you may easily identify when something isn't quite right. If you notice any sudden and persistent changes, please schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible so that we can assess, diagnose, and immediately treat your pet for any health care problems that may arise. Often times, the following signs and symptoms indicate that your companion animal may be feeling discomfort or pain: