Top Quality Pet Surgery in Cleveland OH

Veterinary Surgery

Held to the highest standards in advanced and innovative pet care, our AAHA accreditation translates to high-end, top-quality veterinary surgery and post-operative care. Our two-table, state-of-the-art surgical suite in our Cleveland, Ohio, facility houses revolutionary technology from laser surgery equipment and pulse oximeters to inhaled anesthetic machines and other breakthrough instruments used for soft tissue and orthopedic pet surgeries. In addition, our dependable team of trusted and compassionate veterinarians exceeds standard requirements through years of extensive training and continuing education.

Armed with such an exceptional facility, equipment, and staff, we are able to successfully perform a variety of veterinary surgical procedures, including:

As an added benefit, we will transfer your pet to our dependable ICU (intensive care unit) after surgery for further monitoring, pain management, and a peaceful, relaxing recovery.

Advantages of Veterinary Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a newly innovated alternative to using the traditional surgical scalpel. Unlike the scalpel, a laser beam safely cauterizes nerve endings and blood vessels as it makes the incision.

How does this benefit your pet?

Laser surgery can be used to perform a number of common procedures, such as: