Senior Pet Care at AAHA-Certified Animal Hospital


W henyour companion animal reaches a senior status (defined as age 10 for small dogs and cats and age 8 for larger dogs), his or her immune system weakens and the chance of developing serious disease or illness greatly increases. Such conditions as diabetes, pet dental disease, Cushing's disease, cataracts, glaucoma, and arthritis, to name a few, are among a long list of commonly seen senior pet conditions. With this increase in susceptibility to sickness or injury, we highly recommend biannual (twice yearly) veterinary wellness exams to help prevent and detect the early onset of disease. The earlier the diagnosis, the less pain and distress your pet will have to endure.

Senior Pet Wellness Care Package

Included in our compassionate senior pet wellness care checkups are all the perks of a regular wellness exam, such as a complete physical and as-needed vaccinations, intestinal parasite tests, and nutritional counseling. Additionally, you may opt to enroll in one of our senior benefits packages that offer you discounted rates on highly recommended senior pet care services:

Senior Screening Package

Advanced Senior Screening Package

Superior Pain Management for Elderly Pets

Whatever you do, please do NOT give your pet human medications such as Advil or Ibuprofen! These are not safe and can ultimately harm your companion animal. If you feel your pet may be experiencing pain, please call to schedule an appointment with us today. With our progressive technology and advanced veterinary methods, we can pinpoint the area of pain, determine what is causing the discomfort, and then create an appropriate, customized path of treatment based on the individual needs of your pet. Armed with knowledgeable veterinarians and a complete pet pharmacy, we can provide your furry friend with a safe, trusted, and appropriate means of prescribed pet pain management that has been FDA-approved. Some options include: