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West Park Animal Hospital Presents: The Best Pet Videos of 2016

Ahh, YouTube, the provider of an endless bounty of funny, silly, informative, and just plain weird videos, available to us any time we need a break from work, childcare, cooking, cleaning, shopping… you get the point. An estimated 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube’s website every minute, and by almost a third of internet users worldwide.

Say what you will about YouTube, its inception a mere 11 years ago has changed the lives of animal lovers everywhere. It provides us with endless opportunities to laugh, smile, and even shed a tear at the adorable and heartwarming antics of the nation’s pets.

Here at West Park Animal Hospital, we are not ashamed to admit we love pet videos too! As a follow-up to our famous Instagram pets, we’re delighted to share with you our picks for the best pet videos of 2016. Enjoy!

The Best Pet Videos of 2016

Pets Having A Holiday Feast – What could possibly be better than this video of 13 dogs and one cat (complete with clothes, accessories, and, of course, human hands) enjoying a typical semi-dysfunctional holiday meal together?

Cats vs. Cucumbers – Although the videos of cats being startled, shocked, and horrified by strategically positioned cucumbers first appeared in 2015, it continues to shock the nation to this day. Don’t try this at home!

Dogs Hugging – Having a bad day? This sweet video of two doggie “BFFs” will put a smile on any face and is sure to melt even the coldest heart.

Dog and Owner Reunited – If you’ve ever doubted the memory and loyalty of the family dog, take a look at this heartwarming reunion between a man and his dog who had been separated for two years.

Hungry Dog – You will marvel at (and watch over and over) this perfectly timed, hilarious video of an owner “teasing” his dog about all the food in the refrigerator.

We’re grateful that so many pet owners take the time to film their adorable pets and share them with the public, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of best pet videos.

Now get back to work!

Wishing you, your family, and your pet a happy and healthy holiday season, from all of us at West Park Animal Hospital.

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