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Say Cheese! Our Favorite Famous Instagram Pets

From cat videos to cute dog memes, social media has made it possible for animal lovers and pet owners to share their cutest pet pics with the world. In fact, many famous pets far surpass most people in terms of followers on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

All of this is understandable when you consider just how much our pets mean to us. Pet lovers go gaga over Instagram pets, and this trend is unlikely to change. Many of these pets even have their own product lines, like Grumpy Cat t-shirts and coffee mugs.

To brighten your day, West Park Animal Hospital took the time to find out which Instagram pets reign supreme and share them with our friends and fellow pet lovers.

Five Instagram Pets Who Melt Our Hearts

  1. Grumpy CatWe’d be shocked if there was anyone out there who doesn’t recognize Grumpy Cat. From her ubiquitous frowny face to the many memes online, Grumpy is the original famous pet. Grumpy Cat, who is actually called Tardar Sauce, earned her namesake due to an underbite and feline dwarfism. But she isn’t really grumpy in real life! Some sources claim Grumpy Cat has cashed in over $20 million in products, appearances, films, and endorsements. That’s one famous cat!
  2. BooIf you love fluffy dogs, then you likely LOVE Boo the dog. Boo is a famous Pomeranian with a short haircut that makes her resemble the cutest teddy bear you’d ever find. With over 5 million followers and counting, Boo is the star of her own book and has been the model for numerous lookalike plush toys. She’s also an aspiring philanthropist, helping to raise money for Project Smile, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children in need of cleft lip or cleft palate surgery.
  3. Menswear DogIf fashion is your passion, then look no further than stylish Menswear Dog, who’s the best dressed pup in town. Donning hats, sunglasses, suits, and other popular menswear, the appeal of this famous dog (aka Bodhi) is his ability to showcase the latest styles in a way that combines canine cuteness with trendy men’s fashion. He also has his own book, so you’ll never have to second-guess your sense of fashion again.
  4. Mr. Bagel the ChinchillaLet’s not forget our exotic pet pals! Mr. Bagel is a 7 year old chinchilla who resides in the Bay Area and is an anti-fur advocate. Whether he’s wearing cute hats, shopping at his favorite store, or napping, this adorable guy wants to raise awareness about the cruelty of fur farms and put an end to this industry on behalf of other furry friends. We applaud Mr. Bagel and love seeing him in all those tiny hats!
  5. Kooty the Owl CatNewer to the social media scene, Kooty is a wide-eyed Persian mix with beautiful golden eyes that resemble those of an owl. Because black cats are often less likely to be adopted, we want to champion this lovely onyx kitty, sure to be a hit with anyone who loves cats (and owls)!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fabulously famous furballs. Who are some of your favorite famous pets? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

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