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Cats Need Care, Too! 5 Things to Remember About Cat Health

There are more pet cats than dogs, but we see far less of them than their canine counterparts. This is due in part because dogs typically don’t put up a fight when it’s time to zoom around in the car. However, feline absence stems from something far worse than travel fears.

The false assumption that cats don’t need care inhibits optimal cat health – and may even cause or contribute to health problems down the road. We aim to change that view by highlighting 5 important things to remember about cat health.

  1. The Surroundings – Indoor cats have the potential to lead safer, longer lives because they aren’t exposed to risks associated with other animals and automobiles. While you can certainly reduce injuries or illness this way, indoor cats aren’t immune to parasites and disease. Parasite prevention is vital to all pets, as mosquitoes and fleas can get inside each and every home quite easily. Because cats can’t be treated after a heartworm diagnosis, the prevention of this fatal disease is a major priority.
  2. Hiding the Signs – Whether strictly indoor or not, your cat was born committed to self-preservation and is highly skilled at hiding any signs of weakness. If your cat becomes ill or injured, you might not even know until it’s revealed at his or her next wellness exam (which may include certain diagnostics). This is one of the top reasons for comprehensive cat health.
  3. Early Intervention – Cats age at a faster rate than humans, and heart disease, dental disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, and arthritis are common age-related conditions. We recommend twice yearly exams for senior cats in order to give us the best chance at detecting any issues as early as possible. If cat health visits are put off or placed on hold, symptoms can worsen, depleting quality – and possibly the length – of life. Remember, preventive veterinary care (including vaccinations and parasite control) is always less costly than treating an emergency or full-blown disease later on.
  4. Wellness Matters – Every cat is unique with individual needs. Part of supporting cat health involves keeping a keen eye on diet, nutrition, disease prevention, mental stimulation, and exercise. We’re happy to help you formulate an approach to your cat’s wellness that works for you and your feline friend. We proudly cultivate caring relationships with our clients and their pets. When we’re given the chance to communicate openly and answer questions, your cat can thrive.
  5. The Best in Cat Health – Being a truly responsible cat owner means providing the best possible care. While love, affection, food, and shelter are essential, true cat health is only achieved when paired with advanced veterinary care.

If you need assistance with crate training or if you ever observe any suspicious changes in your cat’s behavior or personality, please give us a call.

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