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Room at the Inn: Holiday Pet Boarding

The countdown has officially begun! We’re just weeks away from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether you’re hosting a big gathering or leaving town to visit family, your pet is probably wondering, “What about me?”

Certainly, pets make the holidays more memorable, but sometimes, it’s just not practical (or in their best interests) to spend every moment together. That’s why West Park Animal Hospital offers holiday pet boarding!

Don’t Wait!

Boarding your pet with us is a terrific option for the following reasons:

  • Our facility – Cats and pocket pets remain safe in our clean, warm, cozy kennel area. Our canine guests stay in roomy suites located toward the back of the building to accommodate access to our outdoor walking area.
  • Professional care – Our kennel attendants are not only adept at meeting the needs of our animal guests, they also try to anticipate what would make a pet feel more at home. Guests are monitored throughout the day to ensure overall health and happiness. This high level of care is particularly helpful if you have a pet with special needs.
  • Medical attention – If your pet requires a technician or veterinarian while you’re away, you can rest assured they’ll get the help they need. Doctors are always on-site between 8 a.m. and 1 a.m. Plus, if your pet is already a patient of ours, we’ll have easy access to all his or her medical history and will already be familiar with personality quirks and preferences.

Worry-Free Holiday Pet Boarding

Once you know your pet cannot stay with you at home or accompany you on your travels, we recommend making a reservation. While all pets are welcome, space in our kennel is limited. Likewise, getting a jumpstart on your own preparations list will help enormously toward getting everything right.

Getting Closer

Boarding your pet – or getting ready to travel together – is a breeze, provided the following are taken into consideration:

  • Vaccinations are critical before boarding your pet or visiting a new state or country (schedule a wellness visit to update your pet’s shots).
  • Prescription medications must be filled and carefully labeled in their original containers.
  • We offer our guests meals, but if your pet has a food preference or special diet, we’re happy to accommodate this need.
  • A health certificate must be issued by a veterinarian if you and your pet are crossing state lines. You should also arrange to have full access to your pet’s records in case you need them while travelling.

Being Apart

We understand that holiday pet boarding can be difficult and stressful for both owners and their pets. You may find it helpful to bring your companion into our boarding area prior to your departure. This will allow your pet to meet some of our friendly staff and become familiar with our facility beforehand.

Our team is in the business of supporting your pet’s wellness. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about pet boarding or ease any of your concerns about traveling together.

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